Fundamentals of Financial Modeling

This package covers the basic financial modeling and valuation techniques that introduce model building best practices as well as getting used to working efficiently in Excel. After understanding the basic fundamental concepts, the most important building blocks of modeling are introduced as we begin to thoroughly analyze financial statements and their implications

Provider: Wall Street Training
Difficulty: Medium
Rating: 5

What You Will Learn

You'll learn what to look out for in financial statements as well as the Management Discussion & Analysis from publicly traded companies. The Company Overview takes you into Excel, where you complete a very simple financial overview exhibit by inputting historical results, analyst estimates and basic projections.

Excel Fundamentals for the Finance Professional, which gives you the tools you need to properly work with spreadsheet data efficiently. This standalone course covers techniques you can use immediately; emphasis will be on using shortcut keys, simplifying steps, and manipulating data.

We round out this package with Basic Financial Modeling involves a top-down, five year income statement projection model, followed by the construction of a basic discounted cash flow analysis on top of your projection model. This is the fundamental basis for all of our more advanced modeling topics, and is arguably the most important course in the package

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Prior knowledge of basic finance and accounting.