Fundamentals of Valuation

Welcome to Wall St. Training's Fundamentals of Valuation package, available via PKApplied. How do different companies within the same industry stack up? This package explores the various approaches to valuation by understanding the art (not science) of valuation.

Provider: Wall Street Training
Difficulty: Medium
Rating: 5

What You Will Learn

Starting with Finance 101, we teach you the basics of finance and valuation concepts: no need for an undergraduate degree in it! Afterward, learn how to analyze company profiles, which supply the most basic and fundamental, yet probably the most important aspects of a company. Gain an introduction and explanation of the major components of a profile for a publicly traded company.

Continue to learn how corporations are valued and the major analytical tools that are used. Basic Valuation Techniques will build on top of that with a short, hands-on exercise to hone in the core concepts in practice. You'll construct an illustrative DDM and DCF valuation analysis, estimating WACC and CAPM along the way.

Next, construct a trading comps analysis by calculating current standalone market valuation multiples based on historical results and analyst projections. Finally, bring all the major valuation methodologies together with a standard reference range analysis, summarized by a visual "football field" utilizing all the best practices you've picked up

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Prior knowledge of basic finance and accounting.