What is Professional Knowledge Applied (pkA)?

Professional Knowledge Applied (pkA) is an executive educational service specializing in providing you with a wide variety of customized educational programs available through leading institutions of higher education.

pkA offers you individual learning tracks and certificates specifically tailored to address your managerial needs, regardless of your particular level within your organization.  In addition, pkA can offer you these customized learning opportunities at an affordable price and on your schedule thanks to state-of-the-art on-line coursesAnd because pkA is working in collaboration with leading universities and educational providers worldwide, you can always be assured you are receiving a high quality education.


Is pkA for you?

pkA was specifically designed for busy professionals who want to continue their education without disrupting their personal and professional lives by pursuing a traditional, full-time program of study through a university. 


What is the pkA difference?   What sets pkA’s approach apart from traditional educational programs?

pkA was specifically designed to bridge the educational gap between cutting-edge research and practice in the field allowing you to stay ahead of your competition

Quality programming, focused professional tracks, flexible study hours, and affordability are the four cornerstones of the pkA approach.

We continue to enhance our list of courses, providers, and activities; including degree oriented courses, special boot camps, seminars, sessions, etc. 

Your pkA team

If you have any queries please contact us at info@pkapplied.com


Contact:  Professional Knowledge Applied s.r.o., Urbánkova 3365/57, Modřany, 143 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic. 

e-mail: info@pkapplied.com

phone: (+420) - 776 112600

Company ID (Czech): Název subjektu:    Professional Knowledge Applied s.r.o. , Identifikační číslo:    03625711, Spisová značka:    C 234533 vedená u Městského soudu v Praze, Den zápisu:    6. ledna 2015, Sídlo: Urbánkova 3365/57, Modřany, 143 00 Praha 4

Company ID (English): Name:    Professional Knowledge Applied s.r.o. , ID number:  CZ03625711, File No. C 234533, Prague Municipal Court, Incorporated:    6. ledna 2015, Address:    Urbánkova 3365/57, Modřany, 143 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic