What is Professional Knowledge Applied?

Professional Knowledge Applied (pkA) was formed in order to provide specialized and applied education by using methods designed with flexibility and responsiveness in mind. These variables are essential in developing training programmes that allow participants to further enhance their management skills at a pace and format which does not force a choice between learning and professional responsibilities. The inherent flexibility of pkA’s approach offers organizations a cost-effective way to allow their workers and management to benefit from top-quality training from leading institutions of higher education, without the disruptive effects of a full-time study programme as demanded by other more rigid and traditional schemes.

Overall, pkA was specifically designed for busy professionals who want to continue their education without disrupting their personal and professional lives by pursuing a traditional, full-time program of study through a university.


For whom is pkA beneficial?

Over the last two decades, a number of management schools, institutes and educational centers have begun operating in the CEE region. Most have adopted traditional methods of higher education, such as classroom learning, formal examinations, library research etc. in order to meet the needs of a rising cohort of young managers in various fields. These full-time programmes are usually targeted at recent university graduates who are not giving up their careers to participate. There is, however, one large group neglected by these recent developments: people who are already pursuing their careers and cannot disrupt their professional lives to engage in a full-time form of education.


What does pkA offer?

pkA has established relations with leading universities, training centers and on-line education providers worldwide and, after consulting with the respective programme administrators, developed individual curricula tracks and certificates. Curricula tracks are simply selections of courses from a different leading providers, when put together and supported “locally”, represent a ‘block’ of courses and topics focused upon a particular area of management education. PKA has designed these blocks to meet the growing needs of different management levels in both public administration and private sector firms, as well as different level of potential participants.

The key advantage which pkA enjoys over other traditional programmes is its considerable flexibility. Traditional MBA curricula, for instance, require participants to spend weeks (weekends) at a time away from the office. Such prolonged absences invariably result in lost output, disruption of long-term objectives, and excessive burdens placed on other staff. These programmes are also quite expensive. To avoid these drawbacks, courses combined on-line advantages with interactive (on-line and off-line) sessions that are held in the Czech Republic and their pricing takes into account the domestic fiscal constraints. [Soon we plan to extend our off-line support also into the other countries in the region]

The majority of courses and certificates offered by pkA are provided on-line possibly followed up by interactive seminars or/and special sessions, taught at various places in the Czech Republic. From the employer’s perspective, these courses are especially valuable because the analytical skills they furnish can be applied immediately upon completion. Furthermore, participants benefit considerably from using state-of-the-educational programs focused on application. Our partners are top leading institutions like Harvard Business Publishing, Wall Street Prep, etc. and as their business partner pkA can offer their courses at highly competitive prices.


Why is pkA approach needed so urgently?

Even after two decades of changes, in this country and region, research, education, and knowledge application are still separated. The research institutions do not broadly cooperate with universities which then can’t provide state-of-the-art education- which is logical. In reality, students do not get close to what researchers are working on and they know very little about applications.  The educational system forces students to focus solely on memorizing “facts” which is mistaken for knowledge. The students are tested on these facts without applying the knowledge. Thus the students are grade-oriented and not knowledge oriented since they do not get tested on its application.

We believe that the fragmented system coupled with facts-oriented testing and the under education of “educators” might be the reasons why nobody has been able to put a contiguous education system in place. Thus, students, working professionals, and managers do not have a place to improve their skills, complement their knowledge and “broaden” their mind.


What does pkA not do, and why?

PKA is not just another degree-granting educational institution; we are primarily concerned about learning and knowledge. However, for most of the courses we should provide certificates to verify the active knowledge. All of the courses in PKA curricula tracks are provided by established, state-of-the-art education providers, for which we jointly with education providers and leading academic institutions in the region provide various knowledge tracks and different level of certificates.

PKA offers certificates of completion to each course participants, as well as special curricula track completion ending with diplomas once a selected series of courses has been successfully finished. But the real value of participation is the skills which can be gained from our courses; skills that are immediately applicable to any working environment.

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pkA is an organization headed by experienced individuals who have worked extensively in the fields of higher education and management consultancy both in Central Europe and in the United States and Great Britain. pkA adheres to a stringent policy of ethics and professionalism in all activities which it performs, offering balanced, thorough and effective courses according to clients’ needs and means. pkA starts to offer courses in several curricula tracks in January 2015. For more information, please feel free to contact us!

Professional Knowledge Applied